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We forged LYVIA with passion, love and competence.

About us

« Since I was young, I’ve always dreamed of improving this world, in my own way. We are now spending our energy, trying to achieve this. To ease the daily life of people by giving them the right tools, and making success a little bit easier to reach.
Today, we, as a team, share the goal of creating something useful, and beautiful. »

Christophe Conil

We are FAVOTEC, a young start-up with a strong technological background that aims to change the world. How? By creating the most beautiful, simple and intuitive Business Software. We called it LYVIA – a Highly Scalable, Modular All-In-One Software that combines the best of Excel and of a classic business management software. And we are very excited to present it to you.  We’re sure you’ve heard that you need to use the right tools for the right job. We believe that the right software makes people and companies more productive, more efficient, more profitable, more creative and even happier. LYVIA will change the way of thinking and using a business software. It provides you with almost everything your business could need: ERP, CRM, Document Generator, Project Management, and many other awesome functionalities with a modern & customizable design.


We are Christophe and Thibault, two specialists in software engineering with a passion for IT. We could develop for nights and stop from time to time to get a coffee. In our life we have developed different software and worked with different tools in different international companies. But every time there has always been something missing. One tool is to slow; the other is not flexible, too expensive and has an old design.  So, one day we decided to create our own baby, a business software that allows to create and add individual modules without programming. We have designed this software with care and love, basing on our long-term experience. LYVIA is the result of several years of development and research.


Our Mission


Create an unique business software, the One and Only, that will allow enterprises to be more efficient & independent than ever before.


Help companies to increase their synergy, traceability & quality goals, generate higher profits and reduce their costs by replacing multiple business software programs.


Increase employees’ satisfaction, creating a better workday and work atmosphere.

Christophe Conil

CEO, C++ Code generator
SW Architect & Developer
Product Designer
International Sales and extended network


Thibault Doucet

CTO, Bad-jokes supervisor

Product development with focus on user experience and reactivity
Artificial Intelligence design