Responsive design A delightful mix of beautiful with the usable. We mix the beautiful design with the usable! Check out...

Responsive design

A delightful mix of beautiful with the usable.

We mix the beautiful design with the usable! Check out out work!

LYVIA is timeless, distinctive and simply beautifully designed.

Beautifully designed and comfortable user interface

Designed for your satisfaction

Creative Design

Intuitive and beautiful interface


LYVIA connects your company harmonically to the digital world.

LYVIA architecture is intelligently designed to be functional, real-time responsive, synergetic and mobile. Our data based platform connects your company’s operations across your business units into a single data organism. It is made for communication and provides multiple interfaces to the data world.

Everywhere, at any time

Even when out of office working on LYVIA is still possible, making it perfect for users on the road or during long travels. All you’ll need is an internet connection. LYVIA is available for Windows (Vista, 7, 8 and 10), Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Access your data from your favourite device in a native way. You’ll find the same design on each device and will be able to view, open files, create, edit, share and send automatically. LYVIA is the neural system that connects all entities and transforms your company into a living organism. Instead of taking time to compile data from multiple sources, concentrate on the analysis, react faster to the unexpected, and forget about un-needed processes. Enjoy an all-linked-together data solution, allowing immediate processing of data across departments. Improve your levels of traceability and quality, and achieve data standardization in your documents. Smart processes, immediate actions and insights empowers you with information at hand in order improve decision-making.


LYVIA’s simplified architecture reduces total costs of ownership by streamlining your data into one single software while improving your productivity. Forget traditional software, LYVIA is the next generation software that provides users with extraordinary features. As a highly modular software, LYVIA will grow as the company grows, and adapt easily to different processes. For the first time you’ll be able to build easily and quickly an individual software by yourself without development knowledge, thus allowing to create a high level of synergy within the company. Create your components once, and they get duplicated in real-time on all systems. The Drag & Drop mechanism enables you to build your personal interface.

Why bother implement functionalities if nobody uses them? Don’t use a feature, just hide it and use it later if needed. LYVIA makes your work environment very pleasant and reactive. This not only maximizes the usage of software functionalities, but also reduces stress and keeps employees motivated.

LYVIA’s modern design offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, designed in a way to achieve the end-users to simply like using it, creating a high sense of attachment to the software and lower rejection. Maximising user acceptance is indeed a key point in achieving full usage of the software functionalities.

LYVIA creates emotions. We want our users to feel at home when launching LYVIA in the morning. To ensure high user experience, reduce stress and improve your well-being, you will be able to choose from different themes to boost creativity, happiness and productivity. You can also customize the background of LYVIA with the picture you like.