Document Generator

The clever way.


Nothing sucks like paperwork…


Office employees, whether in HR, quality or management, spend up to half their time creating documents. Countless Copy & Paste are prone to generate errors and review process is time-consuming and subject to human errors. Generating documents will also ensure the usage of companywide templates instead of locally modified documents.

Simplify your administrative tasks



LYVIA presents you its stunning document generator. It greatly simplifies the creation of dynamical documents and quickly streamlines your entire paperwork. Offers, contracts, sales paperwork, cost-efficiency reports, invoices, emails, meetings documentation, and many many others can be created at the click of a mouse. And in case you have an approval workflow, no problem, you can use it within LYVIA.


With LYVIA, you can create document templates by using your preferred tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.) and generate any kind of document automatically, in the easiest possible way. There is no need to have HTML knowledge or to learn a new report-writing software with limited features. LYVIA’s document generator is featured with a smart document logic and an amazingly intuitive user interface. It ensures you that consistent data and error-free documents are generated in a snap.


You have complete freedom in creating your designs and templates. Or better, you can use your existing templates. Power up your enterprise core systems with automated document generation in one single system, thus removing human-errors input data and making document creation very efficient. LYVIA requires no external tools or plugins to create your documents automatically. Generate output just per one klick: Word, Excel, Emails, PDFs, PowerPoints, XML, Webpages, CSV, etc. LYVIA efficiency quickly pays for itself thanks to higher productivity, reduced costs, time-saving, not to mention peace of mind.


Your benefits

  • Use of a single software (since LYVIA is already delivered with an integrated Document Generator functionality)
  • Simple & rapid integration
  • Complete freedom in creating your templates or you can use your existing ones
  • Unbelievably intuitive interface
  • Massive time savings and improved quality
  • Cost savings
  • Incredible functionalities
  • Streamlined paperwork
  • Easy data output
  • Happy employees

How does it work?

Step 1

Create your template


You have the choice between using your own templates, LYVIA’s templates (where you may change the design) and creating new templates.


If you go for creating new templates, you can design them with Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, their alternatives) or any text based file format (CSV, XML, Webpages …). Mail templates can be created directly in LYVIA’s mail feature. No plug-ins or programming skills are required: While creating your design, you have complete freedom, the only limit is your imagination.


You will need to add placeholders/keywords to your templates. Placeholders looks like this [Placeholder] and they can be added by typing. You’ll find more information on the keywords directly inside LYVIA, or in the documentation. When LYVIA replaces the placeholders with data, ALL formatting will be retained.

Step 2

Optimizing through centralizing


In order to avoid different templates in your company, LYVIA offers you to store them directly in a centralized way. Your employees will always have the latest versions of documents at their fingertips. The plus side? You’ll be able to generate documents from your mobile devices.

Step 3

Generate your output from LYVIA at the click of a mouse


Choose your template, whether it’s an invoice or an offer, and click on generate to create your document.


Another amazing feature is the possibility to generate multiple documents at once. For example, you may generate an automated email and have attached an automated generated invoice inside it.