Ultra flexible integration

LYVIA collects and organize data from all levels and business units.  It ensures a stable, non-disruptive, fast and seamless system...

LYVIA collects and organize data from all levels and business units.  It ensures a stable, non-disruptive, fast and seamless system integration, giving enterprises the maximum value of information exchange in the shortest time possible. This means every little piece of data, whether it’s customers, leads, order history, production, contracts, bill of materials, or others can be integrated in one and single system.  A big plus – LYVIA can be scaled for future needs. If you’ll need a new feature later, you can add it easily in LYVIA. And this is the wonderful thing about LYVIA, it will expend with you, no matter what you need: Never change your system again. From now you’ll be able to use one single tool to manage all your data workflow.

Step 1 – Install LYVIA

The very first requirement is to install LYVIA on your system.

Step 2 – Choose from existing modules

LYVIA comes with lots of predefined modules, like CRM, DMS, Sales, Finance, etc. (klick here to see more). Find out which modules you need, enter the edit mode and hide the modules you don’t want for now.

Step 3 – Adapt existing modules or create new ones

In case you want more functionalities, you can easily create and adapt new features to your company. You have full freedom in the fields to use and no need to adapt your data to predefined fields. LYVIA ensures a fully customized, flexible, and scalable solution, completely adapted to your data structure. By entering the edit mode, you can easily rename fields, add formulas (like in Excel) or create completely new modules from scratch.

For example, your company manages cars? Create a “car” module, add the necessary information using Drag & Drop (licence plates, pictures, production date, insurance documents, lists of drives, etc.). Done? Drag & Drop the car module to an employee to link them, and you are done. How much time to do that? 2 MINUTES.

Step 4 – Data integration

LYVIA supports an easy integration using multiple ways. From CSV import to intelligent Copy&Paste, LYVIA ensures you a smooth transition.

Step 5 – Create your templates

LYVIA is delivered with an integrated Document Generator. You have the choice between using your own templates, LYVIA’s templates (where you may change the design) and creating new templates.

Step 6 – Deploy

Send the link to install LYVIA to your employees.


Once the product is already installed by everybody, you can still add & create new modules or import new data. be done also in real-time once everybody is already using the software.